Dan do just what they are questioned, escorting Blair in order to their particular wedding gown fitting, but Chuck follows

Dan do just what they are questioned, escorting Blair in order to their particular wedding gown fitting, but Chuck follows

He and you will Chuck make plans to spend time, and you can Chuck sets him doing bed with escorts to ignore pondering as to why the guy wasn’t anticipate

Dan’s guide Into the happens inside the Memoirs from a radio Dan, and everybody is delighted to possess your up until it discover its character’s pieces. Each of them head to confront your on his publication class, where he could be left friendless once group abandons your. Serena provides a career that have Jane Bettinger, a film producer, which sales their to find the flick rights so you’re able to In to the. She pretends in order to forgive your for just what he blogged, but then sabotages their other film even offers. Yet not, Dan decides to offer their own brand new liberties (This new Accelerated plus the Crazy). During design group meetings, Dan gets crazy as he finds out you to definitely Jane along with her team want to damage his tale that have a completely new definition. Serena is offered diesen Link besuchen the decision to possibly create him work otherwise reduce their particular business, and you can she decides to assist your.

With Diana Payne, she just effortlessly eliminates the movie, and also seems to lose their employment to keep their guide (I am Number Nine). Appropriate, Dan “leaves” to own their book concert tour, but instead remains domestic and lays regarding in which he could be per big date. Rufus understands in which he’s, and you can Dan acknowledges he visited the first few schedules but nobody very showed up. Rufus encourages your to store trying, because requires one person to connect with him. Dan agrees to give it a different sort of is, however, again remains household (The big Sleep No more). Throughout new Rather Present, Dan is actually upset he wasn’t enjoy to Blair’s wedding shower.

However, Dan gets drunk and you will crashes the fresh bath anyway. Chuck visits access him and you may cut Blair’s evening, but Blair thinks Chuck is trying so you can damage it. However, Serena tells their unique the complete realities. Inside the Riding in town Autos Having Boys, Blair visits stay with Dan to full cover up from the paparazzi. If you find yourself around, she arguments into whether to stick to Louis or perhaps be which have Chuck. She requires Chuck if the he might like yet another people’s child, but is devastated when he says to their own to stay which have Louis. Dan notices how disheartened one produced their, and you will intends to promote them to one another on Charlie’s people.

Chuck is down which have Dan, and you will says to your whenever needing to help save your, he knows that Dan is within love which have Blair, however, she chosen Louis

The guy efficiently really does thus, and you can acknowledges to Serena which he understands providing their unique and Chuck getting together was the right move to make.

Following the New year, Chuck uses Dan to find out if Blair has an fling. The guy observes them get into a private house together, and tells Louis you to definitely Blair is actually cheat. In the Nate’s people, it’s found Dan will bring Blair to help you a church to have support and you may the guy pretend become right back having Serena to protect their particular miracle (The conclusion brand new Affair?). Inside the Grams.Grams., Dan is one of Louis’ groomsmen and helps Blair refrain her marriage adopting the films from their particular and you can Chuck is released, and Louis shows he will not love her any longer. And during the matrimony, Serena professes you to she wants Dan and always often however, the guy claims absolutely nothing. He requires their into airport, to greatly help their own avoid into Dominican Republic it is avoided because of the Serena, Chuck, and Georgina. Serena becomes enraged you to definitely Dan nevertheless likes Blair and lied so you’re able to her. Furthermore showed that Dan sent the new video clips during the and you can destroyed Blair’s matrimony (The fresh new Backup Dan).